Terms & Conditions:


(That means US and EU customers save almost 20 – 30% off of our prices right off the bat due to exchange rate)

All products shipped out after payment

Any items we stock if in stock or not we can usually have within 3 -5 days with the exception of large items like trailers or racks / mortars please allow extra time for those or please use the Contact Us page if you have more questions.

Large items or over weight items (Trailers /pods/etc) will be shipped as per agreement between customer and Pyro Tech Supply at the expense of Customer ( Quote will be given prior to shipping for large / Heavy items)

No we do not take any other forms of payment other then electronic (Paypal / Credit Cards/ in person by credit cards, cash, certified cheque and now accepting swipe via Square – in person)

If there are items you would like to see us carry drop us a line on the contact us page

Manitoba Free shipping orders: You must select free shipping if you are going to come and pick up your order in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Note You must also send us a message via our Contact Us page so we can mutually agree on a pick up time / date.

US / International customers: Please use the Contact Us

page so we can get you the best rates on shipping and be able to quote you properly. Note: Any Brokerage fees, duty or tax you may have to pay at your end due to regulations of your country you will pay at your end we do not cover these fees, nor do we include them in our prices.

Taxes: Payment of applicable taxes on any order will be the responsibility of the customer.

Return Merchandise: Merchandise may be returned only upon the authorization of Pyro Tech Supply. In some cases, a restocking charge may be applied.

If you have any issue, please use the Contact Us page and we will contact you to see what we can do to resolve any issues.

Manufacturers/Sellers Limit of Liability: Neither the manufacturer or the seller of the products described herein makes any warranty of any kind, expressed or implied, other than that the products shall be of merchantable quality. The properties and characteristics stated and the methods discussed are based on research and experience and are believed to be accurate, but purchasers should make their own tests to determine the suitability of such methods of their particular purpose. In no event shall either manufacturer or seller be liable for consequential damages, injury or expenses.


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