Pyrotech wireless Firing Module 4 cue


Pyrotech Wireless 4-cue firing module. For use with the Pyrotech 1200 (controller). Requires 4AA batteries. Can be used with Red Dragon, Talon, SFI igniters or e-matches. 


  • On-off switch
  • Program-all button (top)
  • Program each cue (bottom)
  • Low power indicator (will flash when low)
  • Power indicator
  • LED for each cue. Green is ready (continuity), Red is fired or no continuity.
  • Range is up to 3,000 feet (In ideal conditions using the Pyrotech 1200)
  • Versatility to be placed in tight quarters and be able to spread out a set up with boundless possibilities.
  • By having only 4 cues per module you can use shorter e - matches to save you money in a display.

Please note: The distance is tested in optimal conditions and anything over 600' has not been tested by us.
                        Please allow up to 2 weeks for delivery in case we are out of stock as these move fast and we allow back order on this item.