Pyrotech 1200 - Wireless Firing System Controller


Wireless Pyrotech 1200 Controller for up to 1,200 unique cues. For use with the Pyrotech wireless 4 cue firing module. Requires 6 AA batteries. Max (tested) range is 600 feet. 

Manufacturer claim: Range up to 3000' 


  • Waterproof hard plastic case
  • Power LED
  • Fire-all button (for each 12-cue "bank")
  • Sequence fire (about .5 sec delay)
  • 12 firing buttons
  • On-off switch
  • District (Zone) switch for each 12-cues (100 Zones x 12 cues = 1,200 cues total)

Please allow up to 2 weeks for delivery if we are out of stock as these move fast and we are taking back orders.