Pyro Tech - Pods (3" - 6")


All aluminum Pods are same outside dimensions (two different heights), can be used with 3", 4" 5" and 6" mortar tubes.
Can be used on the ground by adding 5/8" treated plywood to the bottom, or bolted onto a trailer with 4 bolts & nuts (each pod).
3" holds 49 mortar tubes;  4" holds 36 mortar tubes;  5" holds 25 mortar tubes; 6" holds 16 mortar tubes.
Considered a dense-pack configuration. To be used ONLY with HDPE mortar tubes.
Can be drilled for use with an easily installed/removed axle, tires and handles for easy transport on shoot site.
Made in the U.S.A.

Pods are  37 3/8" square

Shell count per size:
49- 3 inch (75 mm)
36- 4 inch (100 mm)
25- 5 inch (125 mm)
16- 6 inch (155 mm)

The 3" Pod, which is the heaviest, weighs right around  96 Lbs.( 43.54 Kg) with no mortars 

Note: One single pod for 3" (75mm)  is the equivalent of 8.13 x standard 6 mortar per rack of 3" (75mm) - just cheaper and lighter. Don't think so ..try weighing 8 standard steel racks with no mortars.  

Note: Due to questions about these pods I can assure both our Brothers and sisters to the south these have been used in the USA by a very large Pyro company there.

To the questions about destructive testing, it has been done but no I personally don't have any video or pics but I will have them tested locally and will add pics and video to my site in near future (time permitting as to how soon).

Please allow 4 - 6 weeks for delivery as these are all custom built and not old stock.

Yes the Price is the same for all sizes.

Shipping will be on agreement with customer or local Pick up ONLY!

(More info to follow)