• Pyro Tech - Custom Firing Trailers


    Reduce setup time (and expense) by 3 to 6 hours per show.
    Custom designed and built launch trailers. Basic trailer has a steel frame and a 3/16" aluminum Tread Plate deck. Also has a center walkway to make easy work of loading/wiring shells and inspecting mortar tubes after a show. 

    Optional fold down Catwalks allow the same ease of use, and for safety.
    Many options available - Inquire about options and sizes, these are custom built and as such will be custom priced.

    Can be used with your racks or our Pyro Tech - Pods. (nudge nudge, wink, wink)

    Many mortar configurations available. 

    All trailers have 4 corner jacks to help provide a stable platform on uneven or soft ground. 

    Price varies with trailer length and options. 

    Please contact us for available options and a price quote for all your custom needs.

    Made in the U.S.A.

    Note: Due to size shipping will be on agreement  with customer or local pick up ONLY!


    1.  Aluminum or steel decking.

    2.  Heavy-duty trailer jacks are available for all four corners of the trailers we build, and they will be included unless you prefer not to have them.  The use of corner jacks prevents "trailer bounce," and reduces or eliminates shock loads to the axles.  They are also used to level the trailer on uneven ground, and can be used to tilt the trailer for use when you need to shoot over a body of water.

    3.  Electric brakes on all axles, (we prefer to use brakes on all axles).

    4.  "Bearing Buddy"-type wheel bearing grease units are standard.  Large capacity axles can be ordered with "Never-Lube" (oil-bath type) bearings as an option.

    5.  Pivot decks can be installed so they both pivot in the same direction.

    6.  Fold-down catwalks on any or all sides of the trailer.

    7.  Water resistant steel or aluminum tongue boxes.

    8.  Erectable 12 volt LED lighting tower(s) for faster cleanup and area inspection.

    9.  On-board batteries w/110-volt convertor for charging radios, tools, etc.

    10.  On-board 110-volt air compressor for nailers and other tools.

    11.  Manually-initiated flashing or revolving light to indicate the trailer is "armed."

    12.  "Grid" rack system semi-permanently mounted on the trailer.

    13.  Winch-and-track system for loading/unloading Pyro Pods.  (This setup would require the trailer ALWAYS be used with a full trailer of Pyro Pods.)

    14.  Platforms can be designed so the tops of all racks are the same height as your tallest rack (usually 6 inch). These platforms can be designed so the open areas underneath can be used for storage.

    15.  We can supply you with the proper "weight distribution," anti-sway type hitches for proper towing configuration on larger bumper-pull type trailers.

    16.  Adjustable type ball mounts, so you can tow the trailer with vehicles that have different bumper heights.

    17.  Built-in rack/pod tie-down points, to secure all of the racks to the deck, preventing bouncing or shifting during transport and/or when shooting the show.