• ERD Compliant gear


    Yup you guessed it the only thing you need to wear as a Pyroitechnician is *enter drum roll* Safety glasses.

    That's right The Federal government ERD (Explosives Regulatory  Division) states Mandatory gear: Safety Glasses

    So if you like I and many others think this rule is complete crap and that every single trade in north america must wear PPE (Personal protective equipment) and this includes police, fire, paramedics, military, plumbers electricians, mechanics, carpenters etc etc.

    They all must wear Eye, ear, and at the very minimum head protection and or foot protection but somehow the one group dealing with the stuff that goes ka boom has to wear well Safety glasses what the $#$#_ are they thinking?? 

    Why bother with safety glasses when your deaf, have burn holes all over and dents in your head from falling / burning debris but that's ok you can still see.... maybe!

    If you still like minimum we have a good selection of top quality safety glasses please check them out.

    If your like myself and others who still have a brain please think of your own safety and buy the proper gear to protect you.