Pyro Tech Supply Flare holder (Hand lighting)


Pyro Tech Supply Flare holder (Hand lighting)


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For all you little thump junkies (Hmmmm maybe this includes me also best be careful with next line), after many years of using sticks and crappy broom handles this became a must to have a custom made flare holder. Light enough to hold fully extended and strong enough not to burn, melt or catch fire.

(Safe enough to give you some distance between you and the business end of things)

Remember: Every foot of distance you give yourself from ignition (item) could save your life.

Holds standard Road flares

These are custom built with Pyrotech’s in mind.

NEW: Twist lock (see pictures 4 and 5) We have offered this as an option if you prefer the twist lock over the screw style and we will replace any of the old style ones already purchased free of charge should anyone wish to upgrade there flare holders to the twist lock (No I am not paying shipping but I will throw them in your next order free of charge or swing by and I will gladly replace them free of charge)

Comes in several sizes (12″ / 24″ / 36″) and also in the double ended one that holds two flares at either end.

Tip: We recommend you do two wraps of masking tape around bottom of flare before inserting into holder as it not only snugs things up but it prevents folks from running the set screw into the flare and punching a hole in it, remember it is there to prevent slippage and even the tape is usually enough that you don;t even need to use the screw but we prefer using both just in case.

WARRANTY: These come with a lifetime warranty, no BS Warranty. We will cover normal wear and tear on these meaning if you melt or burn the rubber handle off that is not normal wear and tear, you drive over it or bend it or use it as a pry bar that is not warranty.If unsure use the contact us page and let us know what if any and we will work with you to remedy the issue. And no Shipping is not covered for warranty.

Additional information

Weight48 oz
Dimensions36 × 2 × 2 in

12" (30.5 mm), 24" (60.9 cm), 36" (91.4 cm), 36" (91.4 cm) Double ended (2 flare holder)

Spare Flare connector

— Select –, Spare holder (+ C$2.00)

Twist lock

No, Yes


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