Pyro Tech Delux Ceramic Knife 9 MM (Non Sparking)


Pyro Tech Delux Ceramic Knife 9 MM (Non Sparking)

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This cutter is perfect for non-sparking and non-magnetic applications.

This NEW multipurpose snap-off ceramic bladed knife is very unique.

9mm Snap Off Ceramic Blade

This is ERD Compliant tool and a must have for anyone working with Pyro!

NOTE: YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED THESE ARE STUPID SHARP – After myself and 3 other pyro tech’s opened the first packages we received and within 2 seconds of opening the package we all managed to remove the first few layers of skin off of our fingers, arm, and hand so please be very careful with these knifes.(I wonder how many layers of skin CBSA agents lost when opening and inspecting my shipment of these… ??? )

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Weight5 oz
Dimensions6 × 1 × 1 in


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