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Explosives Regulatory Division Canada  

Transport of Dangerous goods Canada Regulations

TDG see section 9 for additional info

National Fireworks Association

Environment Canada 

Sun rise & Sun set

Manitoba Travel info interactive map

Other folks:

Cool art (And Photographer for hire also): Concorde Nick Art Photo

Mirnovec Fireworks Croatia

Hamex Fireworks Slovenia

Pirotecnia Caballer

Canadian Pyro forum: Canadian Pyro

Traveling to a show:U.N. Luggage

Northern Lights Pyrotechnic Club NLPC

Pyrotechnics Guild International PGI

Northern Lights Pyrotechnic Club

Northern Lights Pyrotechnic Club

Pro - Pyro companies by Province (Canada)

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Archangel Fireworks

Big Top Fireworks

Canfire Pyrotechnics





British Columbia: